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EcoGlo - Visibly BetterEcoglo has developed advanced technology for the production of high visibilityphotoluminescent and anti-slip step edge and path marking systems.  These provide for the safe and efficient movement of people, 24 hours a day.

Ecoglo products are 'visibly better' and our company prides itself on the quality of our product and service we provide. 

Ecoglo's technology has focused on developing products that have superior durability and are therefore able to withstand continuous foot traffic and weathering. This world leading technology has been used in facilities as varied as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, New York's 'Jazz at the Lincoln Center' and Toronto's Eaton Centre, as well as hundreds of other facilities around the world.

Products made using this technology include stair nosings, pathway markers, signage, aisle markers & seat numbering systems.Ecoglophotoluminescent technology can be used to meet emergency lighting requirements. The products are failsafe, operate immediately and do not require ongoing maintenance.

Ecoglo will be happy to assist you with a solution whether you wish to prevent slips and falls on one step or provide safe and efficient access for thousands

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